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25M Monthly Listeners. 2x Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter. 3 songs over 1B streams
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Finding talent to collab with in LA
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25M Monthly Listeners. 2x Grammy Nominated Singer/Songwriter. 3 songs over 1B streams

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Selection: Bebe will select her favorite audition.Opportunity: Bebe is looking to give back and help find and develop amazing undiscovered singers and songwriters. She is looking to fly her protege out to her LA studio for a 2-day songwriting trip. All expenses for the trip will be paid by Protégé.Legal: Protégé is not involved in legal negotiations between the Artist and the selected protégé regarding ownership of any released songs.
Talent: Vocalists and songwriters.Genre: All genres.Video: Maximum length of 60 seconds. We recommend recording a live take of you singing and / or playing an instrument. It's also acceptable to record with a backing track or a capella. The song must be an original piece.
Feedback videos: Bebe will review and send personal feedback videos to 20 of the best applicants who have submitted an audition. The selection process is agnostic of whether an applicant took the paid or scholarship route to qualify for the competition.Timeline: Bebe will watch and respond to 20 auditions selected by her and her team. Applicants will be notified via email when their audition is reviewed.Legal: Feedback vidoes are private and are not to be shared publicly.
Qualifying: Scholarship applicants will receive an email with a link to their audition video. Share the audition link on social media or with friends and family to receive upvotes. Scholarship auditions that receive 100 upvotes will be sent to Bebe and considered for the Opportunity.Spots: There are 10 scholarship slots available. The first applicants to receive 100 upvotes will receive these 10 spots. Timing: Scholarship votes need to be received before the total application cap of 200 is hit.