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We believe that the best talent should be discovered no matter that person's background, family connections, or net worth.
Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not.
Today, with the right grit and determination, anyone in the world with an internet connection has access to knowledge. You can join communities and watch videos and classes (sometimes even from the top masters of their craft in the world) to learn just about anything from guitar/songwriting to investing in startups and crytpo. But, just because I can now learn how to break down a chicken from Gordon Ramsay doesn't mean I can be a line cook for him. Yes, I could take a class from Alicia Keys on how to write and produce a song but that doesn't mean she'll let me write her next one. Nor does studying every word of Bob Iger talking about how to run a business let me shoot my shot to start up his next venture.
Eventually, breakthrough success on the world's biggest stage becomes based on who you know, not what you know. The industry execs and gatekeepers control who gets a chance to enter the industry, but it is easier for them to just mentor their nieces, nephews, and kids of their business partners rather than look elsewhere. It's not that many of these experts actively try to restrict this access (although some people we especially don't like do), or don't want to find the most equipped talent. It is because their time is some of the most valuable in the world. Looking elsewhere takes time, resources, and dedication to find people who deserve these opportunities the most. This is the problem we are dedicating our company to solving. Yeah, it's a big one.
Protégé is a platform that allows anyone in the world to audition with the best experts in each industry for a chance to become their protégé. Success should be based on merit. The person who has spent countless hours working on their voice pitch and pouring their heart into songs in their bedroom should get signed by 4x Grammy-award winning artist H.E.R., not the person that got to send their professionally tuned music to her label because their dad used to work there. Similarly, the person who has spent hours learning about the future of crypto and web3 should get hired to work with Anthony Pompliano, not the person who went to HBS and knows how to correctly string together buzzwords in a sentence.
Protégé has created a marketplace for the most deserving/talented creators in the world to get access to true breakthrough opportunities - until now, these have been behind lock and key.
Everyone in the world should be able to take their shot to pursue their dream. Every person on our team and especially the talent that has joined our platform can point to one or a few people that extended a hand or an opportunity that changed their life forever. Yes the knowledge/talent existed, but without that certain song feature, introduction to an exec, or 1-1 mentorship given, breakthrough success wouldn't be possible. These life-changing opportunities should be available for everyone, not the lucky few who happened to have the right circumstances. This is Protégé, welcome.