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4x Grammy winning R&B artist and cultural icon

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H.E.R. and MBK Entertainment
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Selection: H.E.R. and team will select the best auditions to be signed to MBK entertainment. The selection process is at their discretion and they may request additional information if neededOpportunity: Winner will receive a signed offer to join MBK entertainment.Legal: Protégé is not involved in legal negotiations between the Artist and the selected protégé regarding ownership of any released songs.
Feedback videos: Any MBK member may review content that is sent through in addition to H.E.R.. The reviewer is selected at random and can not be selected.Timeline: Video feedback will be done on a rolling basis and can be given at anytime during the competition and selection processLegal: Feedback vidoes are private and are not be shared publicly.
Talent: Vocalists, producers, singer songwritersGenre: R&B / Hip HopVideo: 60 seconds max. We recommend recording a live take of you signing and / or playing an instrument. It's also acceptable to record with a backing track or a capella.
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