What is Protégé House?
Protégé House is a community of the best experts in the world and their respective protégés. The All-House membership gives access to all events, dinners, and physical spaces curated for our members. There are 100 All-House memberships.
How does the NFT relate to is a platform that allows anyone in the world to audition with the best experts in each industry for a chance to become their protégé. We believe that there are talented people everywhere, but unfortunately opportunities are very limited. Success today is sadly about who you know, not what you know. It"s our mission to change this by democratizing access to opportunity.
When experts select a protégé on our platform, we want them to be able to connect with them in real life. By creating a physical community for our users, we can create deeper relationships and even more exciting collaborations.
This NFT was also a great way for us to incentivize more experts to join our platform.
Benefits of using NFT technology
There are a couple reasons why we used NFTs to power our memberships.
  1. More control in the hands of the members. Members can join or leave at any time. There is no cancellation fees and no red tape.
  2. Members benefit as Protégé House becomes more popular. As the demand increases for our events and in-person experiences, the price of each membership increases.
We have given the first 80 memberships to some of the leading experts in each field. 20 memberships are available for purchase by anyone passionate about innovation and mentorship.Each member is allowed to bring one protégé to our in-person events.
We like how succinctly the physical cards help explain how our NFT works. Physical membership cards are easily understood. You could show your Protégé membership card to your grandma and say, "Look grandma! This card gives me access to an exclusive club with only 100 members. I can also sell this membership to anyone I want on the internet!"A lot of people are confused by NFTs that don't hold intrinsic value. How can a pixelated picture of a rock or primate be worth millions of dollars? It is understandable to be concerned that the prices of those assets might fall once the speculative hype fades.We are excited by NFTs with valuable utility. In this case, our NFT gives access to one of the most coveted social clubs in the world.
Yes, we have curated 80 of the leading experts across music, business, sports, and entertainment as our initial members. That said, the beauty of this NFT is that they are freely tradable, and anyone in the world is allowed to purchase a membership.Also, even if you cannot afford to purchase a membership, you can get access to this by becoming a protégé of any card holder, as they are allowed to bring one protégé to events. This membership is meant to symbolize the brightest minds in the world, while also giving a direct pathway to joining this group.
This puts pressure on Protégé to throw the most incredible events so that our experts hold onto their memberships. We're up for the challenge! Additionally, many of our experts are also equity investors in Protégé so they are incentivized to hold for the long term.We believe in democratization and freedom. If members are not getting full value out of the community, we are happy for them to sell their membership to a different eager participant.
Physical Cards
See the Member Benefits section below. You can contact to register your NFT and access your member rewards.
We can replace the physical cards. Email to validate your credentials and receive a replacement card in the mail.
Correct, other than the handwritten number on each card, each membership is functionally the same. We considered creating a utility token, but it made more sense to use NFTs for a couple reasons:
1. It is easier to verify the members at any given time. Each NFT public key functions as your member number and the private key functions as the "password" to your membership.
2. You can only access the member benefits through owning a whole token. We did not want to confuse people with fractional tokens, as those would be purely speculative and not earn access to any of our member benefits.
Several of our experts have publicly announced themselves on Twitter.
We are in the process of transferring cards to our experts. For many of our experts, this is their first NFT so in some cases we are helping them set up their first crypto wallet. This process will take some time.
a. To join Protégé as an expert, email
b. Purchase a card and email us to get set up
Protégé House Members
Music Artist
Bebe Rexha
Music Artist
Iann Dior
Music Artist
Music Artist
Music Artist
Sam Feldt
Music Artist
Music Artist
Tate McRae
Music Artist
Jason Alexander
Spencer Rascoff
Co-founder of Zillow
Steven Galanis
CEO of Cameo
Music Artist
Lance Stewart
Kerby Jean-Raymond
Fashion Designer
John Monopoly
Music Industry
Pusha T
Music Artist
Brian Kelley
Music Artist
9th Wonder
Music Artist
Trey Kennedy
Sienna Mae Gomez
Sylvia Rhone
Music Industry
Eugene Wei
Venture Capitalist
Shreyas Doshi
Venture Capitalist
Alexys Feaster
Jeff Morris Jr.
Venture Capitalist
Li Jin
Venture Capitalist
Ezra Galston
Venture Capitalist
Daymond John
Venture Capitalist
Peter Christman
Venture Capitalist
Kingsong Chen
Ingi Kim
Noah Whinston
Member Benefits
If you are a card holder and would like to inquire about upcoming events and your membership benefits, please email to verify your ownership of the NFT.
Events and perk details are only available for current card holders.